NISER Background

NISER was established in 2006 as an independent, not-for-profit organisation with a commitment to improve socio-economic and environmental development and research regionally, state and nationally. NISER was set up under the direction of the three initial Directors from the Sunshine Coast Hinterland - Charles Shewring, Lew Brennan and Sean Rothsey.

Charles Shewring a Community Development practitioner was the first General Manager & Operations Manager, local Noosa Councillor Cr Lew Brennan the first Chairman & Spokesperson, and local businessman Sean Rothsey the first CEO & Company Secretary. NISER was set up at Cooroy in the Noosa Hinterland via underwriting support from The Merkin Group of Companies and various contributions from each of the Directors.

Some examples of the earlier programs generated and developed by NISER were: · Research via Lew Brennan on Regional Education leading towards the development of University facilities and programs in the Noosa Shire of South East Queensland

· Sport & Recreation assistance packages accessing funding, grants and planning & feasibility studies for example, Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park Redevelopment Project, Major Facilities Funding, Business Plan & Feasibility Study and Sunshine Coast Combined Equestrian Group proposed Major Eventing Facility at Doonan

· Community Programs including: Community group support programs accessing funding, planning, resources and assisting the development of various South East Queensland Community Groups such as the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience & Cooroy Family Support Group

· Establishment and participation in various Think Tank style programs including Entrepreneurialism on the Sunshine Coast, Edgeware Build Your Own Business programs & Sunshine Coast Enterprise Facilitation group

Financial & Business services including

· The incubation of companies as well as assisting existing companies to evolve onto listings on the Australian second bourses (BSX and NSX). During this stage NISER formed a formal strategic alliance with the National Stock Exchange to bring a regional exchange to the Sunshine Coast. In addition NISER developed mutually beneficial relationships with financial companies such as MDS Financial Group, Bourse Data and Trader Dealer Online.

· Establishment of a formal alliance with the Sirolli Institute International to develop the Sirolli Enterprise Facilitation programs throughout Australia, the Pacific & South East Asia. The Sirolli Institute programs presented a community based business incubation methodology which helped local communities establish businesses with a record 80% sustainability rate as measured over 5 years.

· Development of business support & funding feasibility studies for newly established companies such as Boxred, RegMe & Community Futures Pty Ltd and Studies and Reports for Titanium Enterprises regarding economic aspects of a planned Edge Resort in conjunction with the Raffles Hotel Group to be located at Kin Kin in the Noosa Hinterland

· Development of and conduct of Federal Government funded BESB Succession Planning workshops on the Sunshine Coast delivered in partnership with Facilitator Geoff Moller and assisting over 35 local businesses to enhance their business succession planning and maximising their return on their business investment

Environmental Programs including:

· Development of a presentation to the Queensland Premier regarding the planning and triple bottom line impact of a proposed Eco Tourism resort planned for Kin Kin in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland · Participation with the formation of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Man and the Biosphere Program (MAB) which led to eventual accreditation for the Noosa Biosphere designating the former Noosa Shire boundary as a biosphere region promoting harmony between people through education, conservation and sustainable activities · Development of a preliminary study of the planning and potential environmental impacts of a potential Retirement Village complex in the Noosa Shire Hinterland

· Development of a strategic alliance with Jackgreen Pty Ltd and concept of Green Power for Local Government Authorities and customers in Queensland plus the promotion and screening of the official Al Gore An Inconvenient Truth CD in the Noosa & Sunshine Coast areas

Overall, NISER has distinguished itself as an ethical, relevant and effective community based organisation able to establish partnerships, alliance and strategic links leading to the development of creative & leading edge projects and programs

Some of the people and companies we would like to acknowledge from the formative days of NISER include: Lew Brennan - Ex Founding Director & Spokesman Sean Rothsey & The Merkin Group - Ex Founding Director & financial supporter Charles Shewring & Community Futures - Founding Director & General/Operations Manager John Miles - IT Consultant & Supporter & later Director Sue Langdon - Ex Staff - Business Development Manager Amy Colley the Merkin Group - Staff services contributed via the Merkin Group Jordan Duffy - Ex Staff Reception & Office Manager Trish Rothsey the Merkin Group - Staff services contributed via the Merkin Group Drew Stanton & RegMe - Consultant & Supporter Lee Rothsey the Merkin Group - Staff & financial services contributed via the Merkin Group Ernesto Sirolli & the Sirolli Institute - Alliance Partner and Enterprise Facilitation Program designer Yvonne Fizer the Sirolli Institute International - Alliance Partner & Sirolli Event Marketing & Program Development Jorge Swartz - Ex Director & Supporter Francesca Grillo - Ex Staff NSX Business Development Stephen Poole - Environmental Consultant Michael Donerman & Edgeware, Facilitator & Supporter Geoff Moller, Facilitator and BESB Succession Planning Manager Penny Miller, Ex Staff Business Development Manager Sean Walsh - Consultant - Planning Guy Elston & the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience - Community Group Leader & Supporter & later Director Robynne Clements the Merkin Group - Staff services contributed via the Merkin Group Jackgreen Pty Ltd - Power & Environmental Services Boxred Ltd - IT & Developmental Services Sally Harris (World Class Events) - Consultant Event Management Services - 2011 Sirolli Seminars Margaret 'Mimi' Morrow - Consultant - Funding & Grant Services

NISER wishes to acknowledge all of its clients, suppliers, supporters and people that we have interacted with over the years as without your input we would not be so well placed to now contribute positively to our community. Thank you