Welcome to the NISER Contribution Area

You can donate to various community causes and projects ranging from creative individuals and their projects; community groups and their projects and events; sport & recreation clubs and their activities; and various charitable endeavours. In addition, you can donate to assist various research projects undertaken to support humanitarian and community aims.

(Note: all donations will be receipted including tax deductibility as applicable)

Please pay via direct deposit to:

Name: Noosa Institute for Socio-Economic & Environmental Research

Bank: Bendigo Bank  -  Cooroy

BSB: 633 000 Account:    142972538

Please email  he receipt/payment advice if via direct debit.  NISER encourages donating and applauds your generous support for endeavours that you can be proud of

With the help of committed supporters like you, NISER can continue its efforts to create new possibilities for communities and enhance the socio-economic and environmental outcomes for our communities.

Community Groups & Events

Creative Individuals & Projects

Humanitarian Research

Environmental Projects

Charitable Causes


When you become a member of the NISER Giving Circle with a monthly gift, you’ll join a community of committed donors who provide ongoing support for our community work, strengthening economies, protecting the environment, and promoting community wellbeing. Monthly giving is a convenient and effective way to donate; it saves on processing costs and bank charges, allowing a larger portion of your donation to go directly to our programs.

Your monthly gift will be processed on the first day of the month.

Donate by Mail

1.Send us your name and contact details

2.Send us your card details or

3.Make your check payable to: NISER

4.Mail your donation information to:

NISER Donations Department 29 School Street, Pomona,  QLD 4568

If you have additional questions, you can contact us by email a or by phone at Mob: 0417 792 944


Apart from donations there are other ways of supporting the life-changing work of NISER in building a better world.

Give a Gift of Stock or Property

NISER and our projects are designed to assist the community, and would be very grateful for your gift of stock or property.

Please contact us via email: or mobile: 0417 792 944 to make suitable arrangements.

Include a Bequest to NISER in Your Will

We hope that you will consider including NISER in your estate or financial plans.

A planned Bequest can help ensure that the work of NISER will endure for future generations.

Whatever approach you choose, your gift will honor the vision and the community work of NISER.