As a community organisation NISER believes that working with individuals and other organisations within the community is integral to our understanding and ability to work cohesively within the community.

We are pleased to develop and promote affiliate relationships with like-minded and supportive people, companies and organisations including from the areas of:

  • Training & Development
  • Business & Enterprise
  • Environment & Well-Being
  • Sport & Recreation
  • Creativity & Art
  • Community & Youth

    MARACCAS is a not-for-profit youth group based in Brisbane. Established as the youth division of NISER in July 2012, MARACCAS' programs include workshops, theatre, active recreation and empowerment including programs to positively impact homeless people, youth at risk, and culturally and linguistically diverse groups.

    The Power of One Project

    Raising funds for The Cradle of Love Orphanage in Tanzania.

    Playing with Possibilities

    Playing with Possibilities is a creative organisation based on the Sunshine Coast that looks at arts and craft as a tool for empowerment and self-inquiry. Working with forms such as creative journaling, book binding, conversations and shared experiences, Playing with Possibilities is a means for healthy self-expression and therapy.

    Jan Watt


    A community organisation based on the Sunshine Coast that offers multiple consulting services and skills.



    Onlinemarketing is a WordPress website design and online marketing company, providing online marketing solutions on the Queensland Sunshine Coast (Buderim). We work hard to deliver high quality websites and online marketing solutions that get your business noticed by Google.

    The Power of One Project

    Personal evolution – creating a more successful life path with numerology. Numerology can help you to overcome limiting beliefs, recognise your potential and achieve more success in business and personal relationships.

    Interested in becoming an affiliate of NISER?

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