About Niser

NISER was established in 2006 as an independent, not-for-profit charity organisation with a commitment to improve socio-economic & environmental development and research regionally, state and nationally.

We are skilled at assisting individuals, businesses, clubs, corporations, government, NGO’s, community groups and communities to achieve their intended results and outcomes.

Our Objectives

  1. To conduct, promote, support and fund socio-economic and environmental research and education
  2. To respond to and support the diverse needs of individuals, communities, clubs and businesses with their socio-economic and environmental activities
  3. To act on opportunities and develop relationships that will enrich community outcomes
  4. To develop relationships which focus on the creation of value for all parties and fosters local partnerships and strategic alliances
  5. To provide services to organisations that are committed to deliver on their Triple Bottom Line, Corporate Social Responsibility, Community Engagement and Growth & Development